1. Keep it simple.

  2. These adorable pendants are almost like iridescent candy drops! Grab one in the shop, freshly listed! 

    The stardust layering black necklace with gold stardust beads and leather is a favorite of mine. 

    Which color do you like most?

  4. This is definitely a late post but late is better than never, right? :)

    These few photos sum up my display at the recent art show I posted about at The Joint. I was quite surprised at the great turnout in the short hours that the event was hosted. Friends, family members, neighbors, fans. It was great to see everyone. 

    Some pieces flew off my display before I could even photograph but I will try my best to recreate them in my Etsy shop for you all to see.

    Notes about photos:

    • Capricorn Honey Bunting flags were painted with watercolor and strung by me. Gotta have a colorful background!
    • The other display pieces as well as the bunting stand was thoughtfully crafted with help from my Poppa! <3

    I recently bought an array of beautiful wire wrapped gemstone jewelry supplies so look out for those popping up on my Instagram and Etsy!

  5. Oh how delicate and sweet this piece would be for my #Easter Sunday! For today until tomorrow, get 10% off my entire Etsy shop! Enter coupon code: ROBINBLU3 upon checkout! #capricornhoney #etsy #handmade #eastersale #jewelry

  6. These are some new pieces for my Etsy shop. I really like how these beads drape and the asymmetrical features of the colors and shapes beside one another. I love earthy tones and styles so thought these pieces would add that little Bohemian touch to some of my more minimalist pieces. I can’t wait to add this as a new layering staple to my collection!

    Look forward to these pieces on my Etsy soon!

  7. More views of my recent watercolor painting which I’m still in love with. :)

  9. So it’s definitely been awhile since I’ve made any posts. :) I really do like this set of photos and the colors. It is soft in some tones, bright in other areas, but they all seem to give off a Spring feel. Happy and effortless. 

    • I like the very first photo definitely because I think my nails and the colors are so bright and fun! I followed a YouTube tutorial from mrcandiipants (but she has an Instagram, too). I’m just in love with her work and the contemporary details in her work. I enjoyed playing around with this design since it’s been ages since I’ve done any nail art work. I do miss it since I used to have fresh, new coats of paint on my nails almost every week. But, time goes by and we all really become busy. My current passion is now jewelry making which you can see in the photos below!
    • I feel quite attached to this set because these pieces embody a gentle yet sweet feel. I hope whoever wears these pieces may also feel their ethereal, simple beauty transcend…
    • These pieces were showcased at the recent art show which I was a part of at The Joint in San Jose, California in March. I need to share some photos! It was a success, and a gratifying push for me to spread the reach of my brand and encourage me to keep my creative juices flowing. :)
    • Look forward to these guys up on Etsy in a few days! I must be studying for midterms so haven’t gotten around to this yet.
  10. I think it’s time to start painting again, Nicole. :) Would you like to see more? #happy #inspired #watercolor #painting #artsy #thispiecemakesmehappy

  11. Sold to a happy customer. :) #minthues #etsy #instashop #onlineshop #handmade #feathers #mint

  12. Fun 16K Gold Plated Hoops with a touch of faceted silver! #earrings #handmade #capricornhoney #etsy #instashop #yellow