1. Bloom… 🌺

  2. @capricornhoney is all set up and ready to go! Perfect weather for bunch of foodies at the Bacon Fest! We’ll be here from 12-8pm! #sjbacon #sjmade #craftfair

  3. New creations that I’m super excited about! :) Been meaning to make some more gems for the ears and can’t wait to bust out more and more! Once you start it’s a ripple effect.

    In the creative process, don’t expect too much to come out of it. Let is come naturally and have fun. I realize that’s when I create pieces I’m most satisfied with - and hopefully will also make another person happy. :)

    & cute orange mug painted by me! <3

  4. Pretty sapphire blue dangles! :) In the shop tomorrow! Those gold leaves are 😍!

  5. Behind the scenes of the how I compose some of my photos. :) Set: Bed, windowsill, hand painted mug, some sea urchins, and the Canon 📷. But secret to the magic? Natural sunlight!

  6. These furry wool little guys make me smile. :) Earthy & free - perfect display for my howlite feather necklace! #craftfairprep

  7. Look who’s gonna be exhibiting my jewelry (@capricornhoney) at the San Jose Bacon Festival this saturday, July 5th!?!? MEEEEEEE!!! #sjmade #sjbacon #etsy

  8. Playing around with #packaging and shapes! :) fun!

  9. 😍 Are you drooling yet? I am! :) I’m lovin’ these adorable #gemstone bracelets! And they’ll be up in the shop very soon.

  10. A little bit of nature’s simplicity. I love to collect bits of foliage wherever I go. After I press and arrange them in my book, I date them to remind me where I got them. Little fun way to record memories. 🍃 ✏📒 #journaling #diy #nature

  11. Minimalist gems. Look of the day. :)

  12. Free spirit Bohemian. :) Flying out to it’s new home in Tennessee very soon. Find it at 👉 www.CapricornHoney.etsy.com