1. Just keep it to the tiny details… :) #minimalist #capricornhoney

  2. Jewelry gallery…When I get too busy with other things, it’s easy to neglect my creations. When you have an idea, you have to grasp it and make it happen right away! Sometimes, letting that spark of creativity escape you is the end of that idea because you forget it.

    I’m going to try to break it out to photograph more of jewelry pieces for the upcoming holidays! So many creations, endless things to do, but I’m excited to share more!

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  4. Floating disks…there’s something very mod and new about this look for me. :) and I liked how I was able to capture it in movement. What style do you see? #capricornhoney

  5. Simplicity.

  6. Oh how I love how the pieces fall together! And adore how my awesome production team captured the minimalist details in a nature landscape! Many thanks! Love the photos and all the work put into it! #lovewhatyoudo #beinspired

  7. Naturally woven together, one bracelet at a time… This is a preview of an entire new gallery of photos from the latest photoshoot! Stay tuned! Find it up in the shop!


  8. 20 Things To Look For In The Person You’ll Fall In Love With

    I don’t often write posts like these but it started my day on a positive note and I’d like to share with you as well. :)

    Photocred: Me

    URL: 20 Things To Look For In The Person You’ll Fall In Love With - All of this was taken directly from Lifehack.com by Carol Morgan. Love their daily doses of motivation.

    1. Fall in love with someone you can openly share your thoughts with.     

    There is no greater joy in a relationship then when someone allows you to “vent” your frustrations, reveal your sadness, share your happiness, or even sit quietly when there are no words to say.

    2. Fall in love with someone who will listen with more than just their ears.

    There’s a difference between hearing someone and really listening. If they can’t remember what you said just moments ago, they aren’t actively listening; they’re just hearing what you say and not giving it any thought.

    3. Fall in love with someone who will communicate with their eyes.

    A person who is truly interested will give you visual cues, like making direct unbroken eye-to-eye contact.

    4. Fall in love with someone who gives you affection.

    The human touch at appropriate times feels healing to someone in distress. A hug is a great example.

    5. Fall in love with someone who uplifts you with their words.

    Affirmation, or just the willingness to spend time listening to you and giving you time to figure things out, means they are willing to go a little further for your happiness. Words like “tell me more” and “I’m listening” are uplifting.

    6. Fall in love with someone who sees you as perfect for them.

    There are NO perfect humans. We all have our flaws. The person you fall in love with may know this fact, but realizes they are also flawed and accepts you as you.

    7. Fall in love with someone who will not allow you to degrade yourself.

    We are all imperfect physically. Enjoy the variety in people and build them up so they have a positive view of themselves physically.

    8. Fall in love with someone who will compliment your body.

    If the person you are with is listening to you, they will hear you brag about some aspects of your body. When they affirm that compliment, they are in agreement with your view. That’s a great way to build your self esteem. Do the same for them too!

    9. Fall in love with someone who helps you refocus your negative thoughts.

    Life has its ups and downs. Sometimes the downs really bring us down and we need someone to help us put life in proper perspective.

    10. Fall in love with someone who will look for alternatives to stressful situations.     

    No one can catch every trigger that sends us into the dark side of our emotions, but a proactive person can see a few of those and help us avoid those situations. If a social scene you like to attend has a person that gets you angry, for example, your partner should help you avoid them so everyone has a good time!

    11. Fall in love with someone who admits their wrongdoings.

    Honesty is essential in any relationship. We all hope that the person we fall in love with will always be truthful with us. The consequences of a person’s wrongdoing may not be the easiest thing for them to accept. But as humans we all make mistakes.

    12. Fall in love with someone who realizes how a wrongdoing affects your relationship.

    This person will actively look for ways to get your forgiveness so the mending can begin. Someone who has no interest in your feelings won’t take this step.

    13. Fall in love with someone who is honest and openly communicates.

    There’s always a reason why someone gets angry or hurt. It doesn’t just “happen”. Someone willing to take the time to explain the “why” AND not use it as an excuse is serious about their relationship with you. Even if it will take time to mend it.

    14. Fall in love with someone that shows they are serious about preserving the relationship.

    If there are certain situations that caused issues in your repationship, this person will choose NOT to get into those situations again. It may mean avoiding people who wrongly influence them.

    15. Fall in love with someone who appreciates the little things you do.

    No one wants to be taken for granted. If you are the type of person who loves to do the little things for people, then you are most likely a person who also wants to be affirmed for doing those things every once in a while.

    16. Fall in love with someone who says “thank you”.

    Ever listened to an unappreciated coworker? The words “thank you” are always a welcome sound to those who give an effort to make something positive in other’s lives.

    17. Fall in love with someone who values your success.

    She should be genuinely thrilled when you score that raise, run 5 miles or finally train your dog to high-five.

    18. Fall in love with someone who will brag to their family and friends about you. 

    If he boasts to people close to him about how awesome you are, he’s probably a keeper.

    19. Fall in love with someone who will imitate your positive actions.

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Give them an example of how to live and they will copy your efforts!

    20. Fall in love with someone you are confident being with.

    No one should be ashamed of who they are in this world. The person you fall in love with should raise your head high, support your efforts, and help you become the best person you can be!

  9. Oh the obsession! Only those who have this will know it. Once you have one you never wanna stop! These tiny buds make me so happy. All full of life! 🌵🌳🍃🌿

  10. After awhile of back-to-back requests for initial letter necklaces, I’m finally promoting them! :) Do you like the ones with 3 tiny beads or alone? #vscocam

  11. Amazing Avocado egg rolls! Cilantro, garlic, lime, sour cream, #flavorgod, all pureed! What’s better!? Recreated by me following a recipe (details from last post!) Here is my final result. :) (at Recipe used from damndelicious.net)

  12. Some aftermath photos of the recent CineBrew Mart I did this past weekend for beer week! Lovin’ my displays this time around. Sometimes I have so many ideas, I never know what works! But if you just relax, breathe, and let the creativity come naturally, it’ll all come together. :) #creativitytalk